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While serving as Mayor of Greensboro, I worked with Councilperson Vaughan on the City Council for several years. I always found her prepared, focused, respectful of people’s concerns and fantastic at problem solving. It was obvious she was dedicated to improving Greensboro’s quality of life for all citizens now and in the future. During her four years as Mayor, I have been extremely impressed with her leadership ability as the Council has tackled some tough public policy issues. I’m absolutely supporting her for another four years and hope Greensboro voters will also.

Keith Holliday, Former Mayor of Greensboro

Keith Holliday

Nancy Vaughan has been a strong leader for Greensboro. Her ability to “listen” to all people’s views allows her to build bridges throughout the community. Under her leadership, Greensboro is moving forward. It has been exciting to see all of the construction downtown. We are growing! Thank you, Nancy, for your vision and efforts to help this growth.

Gary Palmer, Manager, Community Affairs, Replacements, Ltd.

I served with Nancy Vaughan on the Greensboro-area MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization.) The MPO plans for the City’s long-term transportation needs.

Decisions made today will have a profound effect on generations to come and the economic viability of our City.  I support Nancy because I know she understands the importance of maintaining and growing our infrastructure. She does her homework.

Cheryl McQueary endorses Nancy Vaughan for Mayor of Greensboro
Cheryl McQueary, former Division 7 Representative, NCDOT

I support Nancy Vaughan for mayor because as a small business owner I know she understands the challenges we face. I know that her commitment to local businesses and quality of life issues help insure my investment.

Nick Wilson supports Nancy Vaughan for Mayor of Greensboro
Nick Wilson, Managing Director and Proprietor, 1618

With Nancy Vaughan, we know that we are looking at the face of a fair, courageous and honest person.

She has shown us that she cares about our community, its environs and its people, and works hard and diligently for the benefit of the TOTAL community.  We are fortunate that she chose to offer herself for the time consuming opportunity as Mayor of this great city, Greensboro!

Shirley Frye supports Nancy Vaughan Mayor of Greensboro NC
Shirley Taylor Frye, Community Volunteer

Nancy Vaughan is my kind of Mayor. She cares, she engages, she shows up, she listens, she brings people together, and she works hard to make the best possible decision. I’m grateful to Nancy for her service, and I’m excited to support her re-election. Go Nancy!

Bob Page Supports Nancy Vaughan for Mayor of Greensboro
Bob Page, Founder and CEO, Replacements

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